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Go Ahead, Take the Risk: Entrepreneurship Pays Off

Go Ahead, Take the Risk: Entrepreneurship Pays Off

Starting your own business isn’t as big of a financial gamble as you might think, new research finds.

Entrepreneurs whose businesses don’t succeed – which statistics show is a good possibility – can return to the salaried workforce and recover their earnings quickly, according to a study from the University of California, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

The research discovered that becoming an entrepreneur ends up being a no-lose situation for many. Failed entrepreneurs end up with comparable lifetime earnings when they return to a salaried position, while those who remain entrepreneurs earn substantially more than their peers who never branched out on their own.

“Would-be entrepreneurs may think they have a huge chance of failure and will be sacrificing earnings for the rest of their lives, but it’s not true,” Gustavo Manso, the study’s author and an assistant professor at the Haas School of Business, said in a statement. “Even if the business fails, entrepreneurs don’t suffer as much since they are able to quickly transition to the salaried workforce.”

For the study, Manso followed the careers of both successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs over three decades, including founders of

Small Business Snapshot: Revelator Coffee Company

Small Business Snapshot: Revelator Coffee Company

Our Small Business Snapshot series features photos that represent, in just one image, what the small businesses we feature are all about. Josh Owen, president of Revelator Coffee Company, a business founded in 2013 that roasts and sells specialty coffee, explains how this image represents his business.

Owen explains…

We are a business driven by people and meaningful interactions within the communities we serve. We really try to emphasize friendly, classic service. We want the Revelator experience to be warm, pleasant, and distinct — something people want to return to time and time again.

We founded Revelator Coffee Company in New Orleans in 2013. I was born and raised on the West Coast, but have family in the South and visited often growing up. I was intrigued by the region, its people and most of all the southern hospitality. As we’ve grown Revelator, we’ve put together a team that is a reflection of the modern South. Our core players are a diverse and energized mix of native southerners, alongside a handful of transplants that have embraced this region as their home.

Revelator roasts coffee from all over the world in our facility located

6 Electronic Payment Processing Trends That Will Affect Your Business In 2016

The power of modern electronic payment tools is invaluable in the growing digital economy across the globe. Electronic payment technologies are developed to open up new doors to small business owners trying to save time, increase revenue, and enlarge their businesses.

Small businesses play an immense role in the growth of the national economy and communities. Many of modern electronic payment technologies have a great potential to improve merchants’ bottom lines and provide them with a better shopping experience to successfully meet customer modern requirements.

Here are 6 major trends that can help you increase sales and customer loyalty this year.

  1. BOPUS Is a Proffered Choice

“Buy online and pick up in-store” is especially useful for brick-and-mortar stores that are looking to boost sales. Thanks to BOPUS, 69% of shoppers made additional in-store purchases while retrieving their online orders during the holiday season in 2015.

  1. iCheck the Future of Check Processing

iChecks have fewer restrictions than ACH and offer faster funding on a wider variety of checks. iCheck (Remote Deposit Capture) boasts flexibility and is ideal for different sales environments. As an advanced option, iChecks feature iPhone App, Pay Now Buttons, Email Voicing, and Bill Pay. To get the best electronic check

It is widely believed to be necessary to earn the foreign exchange market:

  • higher education, preferably economic;
  • good knowledge of English;
  • basic knowledge of probability theory and advanced mathematics;
  • knowledge of the world economy;
  • good computer skills;
  • the ability to think logically and analytical skills;
  • mastery of fundamental and technical analysis.

We ventured to say that all this is not only unnecessary, but superfluous for efficient trading. Some of these have good knowledge, but not necessarily the main, most of them are harmful, since they give groundless confidence to make trading decisions. And the market, however, has a random nature, and reliable way to predict its behavior is not. It seems that they do not appear until you have opened the possibility of time travel. Of course, it requires the ability to read and write and perform elementary arithmetic, but the most important self-discipline and successful forex trading, the ability to think, to wait patiently.

In addition, every new trader should know the basic concepts and definitions used on Forex. Each currency has a three-letter code. For example, the code of the US dollar – USD (United States Dollar), the Swiss franc – CHF (Confederation Helvetica Franc), EUR – EUR, the British Pound – GBP (Great British Pound), Japanese yen – JPY (Japanese Yen). Exchange rates represent the ratio of

7 Steps Toward Better Small Business Security

Small businesses are the new big target for cyberattacks. While the large corporations generate a lot of news when their security is breached, cyberattacks can — and do — happen against small and medium businesses (SMBs).  While the payoff may not be as great, the growing use of automation by cybercriminals allows them to attack thousands of smaller organizations daily.

Cybercriminals are typically looking for customer contact information, which includes emails, credit cards, valuable intellectual or proprietary information or health data. That makes any company with such data a potential target, regardless of its size. Add in the growing trend of using remote devices with apps, commonly referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT), to improve business processes, and there are multiple points of entry for the entrepreneurial cybercriminal.

Means of attack

Cybercriminals can attack in a variety of ways. In a blog post for the National Cybersecurity Institute, Carolyn Schrader, founder of Cyber Security Group Inc., listed the following as the top threats for small businesses in 2016:

  1. Growth of mobile malware.
  2. Data theft from IoT devices.
  3. Cyberespionage.
  4. More cybercriminals due to expansion and creativity of Internet underground.
  5. Extortion attacks from stolen data.
  6. Ransomware on the IoT.
  7. Hacker mercenaries.
  8. Stolen data aggregation.

While it’s unlikely that all eight of

15 Important Startup Lessons for New Entrepreneurs

No matter how much industry experience you have, you won’t know everything there is to know about running a business the moment you launch your first startup. There’s a pretty steep learning curve, and odds are you’ll find yourself saying, “I wish someone had told me that,” at least a few times along the way.

If you want to prepare yourself for some of the more difficult and unexpected challenges of entrepreneurship, it’s crucial to listen to the experiences of those who have been in your shoes before. Fifteen CEOs of new and existing companies reflect on what they’ve learned, and impart their best lessons to aspiring startup founders.

Your role

Follow your mission. “Let your core mission/ideology be your guide. It is your core that started you down whatever entrepreneurial path you’ve chosen, and it is your core that is the key to unlocking the strategic steps that make the most sense for your venture. If you continuously remind yourself why you’ve embarked on a particular journey, you’ll continue to move closer and closer to your ultimate objective.” – André Walters, founder and CEO of Yuno

Don’t be afraid to break the mold. “To succeed as a CEO you need to be steadfast

10 Tech Tasks Small Businesses Should Outsource

10 Tech Tasks Small Businesses Should Outsource

Credit: relif/Shutterstock

Outsourcing can be a great way for small businesses and startups to take care of tedious tasks while also boosting productivity and saving money. By outsourcing technology-related necessities, small business owners and employees can focus on more important responsibilities, like sales, customer service and more, without hiring more in-house employees.

However, not every area of the business should be outsourced. Handing off the wrong tasks to a third party can hurt your business more than it can help. Here are the 10 tech tasks experts say small businesses should outsource.

1. Infrastructure

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) — outsourcing equipment such as hardware, servers and network systems to an infrastructure provider — can save businesses millions of dollars in costs and labor.

Constructing your own infrastructure is neither cheap nor easy. It will require not only a large budget to purchase and house the equipment, but also heavy maintenance by highly skilled IT staff. By outsourcing IaaS, startups and small businesses can cut their budgets, as the infrastructure service provider owns the equipment and is responsible for running and troubleshooting the systems; users simply have to pay on a per-use or subscription

What Stresses Your Employees Out Most? Change

If there is one thing that can raise employees’ stress levels, it’s change, new research finds.

Whether it’s a new boss, a new type of project or a new department structure, change can be very scary for many workers. However, it’s not the increased workload they’re worried about, according to a study from ComPsych Corp., a provider of employee assistance programs.

Rather, the most stress revolves around what managers expect from their workers when changes are made, the study found. In fact, more than 30 percent of employees are most troubled by their supervisors’ unclear expectations when change occurs, according to the study.

“Change has become a constant for many workplaces, whether in the U.S. or globally,” Richard Chaifetz, founder, chairman and CEO of ComPsych, said in a statement. “Employees are telling us that much of the disequilibrium around change is coming from managers.”

The study found that 20 percent of employees think confusion and conflict with co-workers and other departments are the biggest causes of stress after changes are made.

Just 18 percent of those surveyed said an increased workload is what raises their stress levels when changes occur.

Other sources of employees’ stress surrounding change include an uncertainty about the future, a fear

Performance Incentives Don’t Always Work. Here’s Why

Using money to motivate bosses to improve company performance doesn’t always pay off for organizations, new research finds.

While incentive compensation for managers is becoming more popular with many businesses, not all company leaders respond positively to performance-based pay, found a study recently published in the Journal of Organizational Behavior.

Companies think that if they provide managers with incentive pay, which is closely related to firm performance, then managers will take more risks, said Joyce Cong Ying Wang, one of the study’s authors and a doctoral student at the University of Texas at Dallas. However, the research shows that such payment doesn’t always pan out like companies expect.

The study’s authors found that the level of career ambition and task attention a manager has is really what drives the effectiveness of incentive pay.

“We found that managers with higher career ambition will be more responsive to incentive pay by taking more risks,” Wang said in a statement.

The researchers also discovered that managers who are very attentive to tasks also take more risks when offered incentive pay. [Does Upbringing Impact CEO Risk Taking? ]

“They tend to invest more strategically, and they also are more likely to change strategies,” Wang said.

For the study, researchers created

What You Should Determine Prior to Purchasing Property

Buying a house is an important choice. Actually, it truly is possibly by far the most important one you can ever make. Do not let opportunity determine your living circumstance. Do a lot of groundwork to discover where then when you should acquire a property. A person also needs to retain these concerns in mind. To learn more, click for source.

Will be your price range enough to buy the type of home you need? Determine your brief and medium-term needs and also the budget that can be committed to the actual investment of a residence. When you get a house that may be for years, it is important to clearly define its requirements. Can you plan to get children within the years to come? Will your children quickly leave home?

Where to buy your 1st residence? The positioning is the number 1 criterion for identifying a good buy inside real estate investment. Which means you need to be very demanding on the location of your property or home (close to work, near shops as well as public transportation, etc.). Should you opt for an apartment or house?

Obtain a new property or a classic one? Again, your budget significantly influences the choice.

Whenever You Discover The Perfect Property, Ensure It Is Your Home

Someone is going to normally take quite a bit of time looking at luxury real estate just before they find one they really enjoy. After they do, even so, transferring can certainly be an interesting adventure. After all, they’ve just purchased a residence that’s never been lived in before or which has been lived in by another person for many years. It is missing anything that will make it their very own and must be adorned so that it seems a lot more like a home rather than a house they only just bought.

Begin by decorating the primary living room. This is actually the spot the whole family spends probably the most amount of time in and thus is likely to be one which can swiftly take on the feelings of the people moving into the property. Buy comfortable furnishings that fits the personalities of the household as well as that can readily be a part of other extras that could be incorporated. Have photos printed as appropriate and place them on the wall throughout the living room to emphasize the household that lives there. This can help to customize the home and make it seem a lot more like

A Small Guide to a Successful Sale

Just what property sellers need to learn for any smooth and also rewarding house market is very important well before you start the method. A seller should not commence the approach after which “shoot from the hip” since it causes issues every phase of the approach. In case you are looking over this then you are interested in marketing your house, correct? If that is the situation, you ought to make certain you might be prepared a long time before the marketing approach. This information will give you some recommendations to help you as you go along. A person can click over here or continue reading regarding much more data.

It is imperative which you prepare yourself nicely for viewing appointments prior to they occur. Ensure you take sufficient time for the procedure to be finished correctly. Prior to deciding to sell your home, a person ought to spend time in preparing and managing. Do not undervalue the importance as well as complexity of this – a real estate sale will be complicated and technical information is required.

Placing yourself in a time crunch will be something you want to stay away from. Take note: If you desire to sell your property

15 Work from Home Jobs Great For Parents

Finding work-life balance is a difficult task for many working parents. The ability to work remotely eliminates commuting time and minimizes expenses for work travel, lunches and professional apparel. It also provides parents with more flexibility to fit their work into their lives while still being readily available to care for their family’s needs.

A host of job search websites advertise telecommuting positions that appeal to a range of parents, from those re-entering the workplace after time away to raise a family to seasoned professionals looking to reposition their careers. However, it’s necessary to sift through the scams and weed out the “it’s too good to be true” offers.

To get you started, here are 15 work-from-home jobs, currently listed on FlexJobs, a flexible job search website that is a member of the Better Business Bureau and screens all their job listings before posting.

1.     Attorney (part time)

2.     Bookkeeper (part time)

3.     Case manager/care coordinator (full time)

4.     Call center representative (full time)

5.     Donor recruiter(full time, part time)

6.     Event coordinator (full time and part time)

7.     Human Resources generalist (full time)

8.     Insurance inspector (part time)

9.     Freelance writer(part time)

10.  Marketing specialist (full time)

11.  Sales representative (full time)

12.  Software developer (full time)

13.  Transcriptionist (part time)

14.  Translator and Subtitler (part time)

15.  Web designer (part time)

– See more at: http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/6891-moms-work-from-home-jobs.html#sthash.GXugQhwR.dpuf

Discover The Ultimate Home For The Household Over The Internet

If you are an enthusiastic entrepreneur or simply just thinking about purchasing a fantastic home, you will find the UK is among the most expensive spots worldwide to purchase homes. Additionally it is among the finest places to live. People originate from all over the world to check out expensive houses for sale in the UK. Although the residence costs are substantial, there is absolutely no general shortage of consumers hoping to get one of these great properties. Most people begin their property exploration on the web. At the residence site, you can sort out the properties by quantity of rooms, price or acreage. Merely filter your results based on what is most significant to you and the website should come back a list of readily available residences meeting your needs. Particulars on the Home Page will help you make contact with an estate agent whenever you find a house you want to pay a visit to. All negotiations will undoubtedly be taken care of with the estate agent thus the procedure is very easy for any buyer. In many cases, property agents are able to aid buyers even when the home they primarily wanted has stopped being available. Using

If You Think You Get Resources, Then This Might Change Your Mind

The Pros of Using an Online SQL Editor A database is an orderly heap of data that sort out information to make it, even more, manageable. Structured Query Language is the basic language used when dealing with a database. SQL may be used to add, update, search, maintain or even erase information in your database. Business intelligence experts and IT specialists often use Structure query language editors to perform edits or direct the required queries from databases for examination purposes. When dealing with database inquiry, structure query language editors will be your best friend. Since we have understood what structured query language is let’s look at the advantages you can get from utilizing structure query language editors? Structure Query Language editor is easy to use. An up to date standard structure query language editor is essential to the success of that organization. Faults in your technology can see you part away with huge sums of money, therefore, getting recent SQL editors is pivotal. Organizations can now boost their performance capabilities thanks to the implementation of online SQL editors. Structure query language editors manage comprehensive sectors of the business; this allows company owners to put more attention on other sectors that

A 10-Point Plan for Businesses (Without Being Overwhelmed)

Choosing The Right Web Hosting Service You should know that there are a lot of businesses out there who wish have their own place in the market which always leads to competitive marketing. Due to the increasing competitiveness, businesses made sure that they will also be able to market their products and services using the internet. If you’re wondering about this growing competitiveness in the current market, you should know that having a company to run can be so much easier when you find the right web hosting service. The promotion of a business’ products and services is essential in main sure that businesses they days will be able to keep up with most marketing trends. Since advertising can be expensive even in the online platform, certain providers made sure that the web hosting service that they’ll provide to businesses these days will be affordable at any time. However, this may lead to the misunderstanding of the customers since they might think that just because the web hosting price is cheap, it also means that their service is the same. Even with all that issue, it’s a fact that most businesses who have already hosted their own website online can

Why not learn more about Webhosting?

A Guide to Getting the Right Windows Web Hosting Files and folders on your computer are stored on the hard disk of your computer and you can access them anytime you want. Web hosting is the process of making web pages and websites available to a vast majority of users. Since it includes providing “space” on the web for your business, the product is now and again known as web space. The space on your computer is measured in megabytes and same applies to web hosting. Be that as it may, there is no stupendous paradigm that exceeds the diverse hosting subsequent to both of them being remarkable. The selection is based on the requirements of the web designer and choosing the best is imperative. It is wise to be conversant with the hosting provider and hosting services prior to making a choice. The web space and transmission capacity are a percentage of the components to consider as they decide the measure of space that the web hosting firm permits you to use for your web page. The space ought to be sufficient to oblige your requirements and, also, give space to development when you predict future extension. A couple

Services 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

How to Select the Best Dog Walking Services It is common knowledge for pets to exercise for good health. It is an even more crucial need for dogs as it improves their health and makes them more active. Unfortunately, as much as you love your pet you may not always be available to take it for walks or play with it as much as you need to. This is why hiring the right dog walking services is an important decision. You will be able to choose the right dog walker with the following suggestions. Make a sound decision when choosing your dog’s walker. This is one of those decisions that should not be taken for granted. Do not trust a dog walker just because they advertised their services online and seem to be good. It may be necessary to investigate on who makes the best walker for your dog before you settle on one. Use recommendations
Practical and Helpful Tips: Dogs
Finding a good walker is not always, an easy decision hence the need to ensure that you ask around. Find out from neighbors with dogs, as they are likely to know which dog walker to trust with your dog.

The Beginners Guide To Fabricators (Finding The Starting Point)

A Closer Look at Metal Fabrication and Stamping Metal fabrication and metal stamping techniques both have their place in the manufacturing of metal products and components. Generally speaking, metal stamping can be divided into two basic processes known as progressive stamping and short run stamping. There are a number of factors that determine which manufacturing process is right for your specific project. These factors include the number of parts that need to be produced, the importance of the repeatability of a process, the type of job it is, whether it is a prototype or a long term production run and, of course, the costs. When you need to have a specific metal components manufactured it is important to find an experienced and reliable metal fabrication company to ensure that the work is done properly and at a reasonable price. In the broadest sense, metal fabrication is the creation or construction of metal structures using a number of metal fabrication techniques. Metal fabrication processes, like laser and water-jet metal fabrication, are perfect for short run and prototype manufacturing processes. In the use of metal fabrication processes, each metal component made in this manner will be custom made. What this means is